Postoperative treatment is an important factor in the success of the operation performed.

  1. Protect the operated eye in everyday activities.
    Do not remove the bandage applied to the eye before going to the doctor the next day after the operation, or until the time indicated by the doctor.
    Avoid lifting heavy objects and heavy tension for a month, or until the doctor resolves.
    Sleep on the back or on the side opposite to the operated eye for a month.
    Do not bend over! If you need to lift something from the floor, off the ground, do it by bending your knees and sitting down.
    Reading, watching TV and walking are allowed.
    Driving is allowed only with the permission of the doctor. If you see well with the other eye, you can drive again for a month.
  2. Be careful with eye drops and glasses.
    Before applying eye drops, always wash your hands with warm water and soap and wipe them dry.
    Protect your eyes from bright light. In bright sunlight, use sunglasses (put them on your eyes or on top of ordinary glasses), or a protective visor. Wearing glasses, hold them by the arms. Keep your fingers on the ends of the spectacles to prevent them from getting into your eyes.
  3. Follow simple rules of personal hygiene:
    Wash your hands before any contact with the eye.
    Clean your eyelids at least twice a day, especially in the morning, after a night's sleep. It is at this time that mucus accumulates, because of which it is difficult to open the eye.
    Gently wipe the eyelid along the line of the eyelashes, removing the dried crust with a moist sterile gauze napkin, moistening it in warm boiled water.
    Do not apply pressure to the eye.
    Take a bath instead of a shower, after 7 days you can take a warm shower, gluing an operated eye with a napkin.
    When washing the shampoo off your hair, throw your head back.
    After bathing, drip drops into the operated eye.


You should immediately call the clinic when:

  • the appearance of severe pain in the eye
  • strong red eyes
  • deterioration of vision, especially in cases of the appearance in front of the eyes of a "black veil"
  • strong lacrimation
  • appearance of glare in the eyes

The feeling of itching and irritation, reddening of the eyes for several days is NORMAL!

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